Last week my twelve-year-old stepdaughter moved in with us. Food-wise this is a little on a scary side, as a normal kid who’s used to a lot of Kraft mac & cheese being forced to eat vegan is a bit of a difficult thing. But even more difficult than that: the kid hates onions! She’ll let them slide if they’re in a store-bought jar (salsa, pasta sauce), but otherwise the onions turn her off the whole meal. Well, this would not do. If my hands don’t smell like onions and garlic, I probably didn’t eat well the night before. Onions make everything better. I suspect there’s even a way to put onions in cookies and have it be delicious. So I decided to dive in and confront this thing head on: ratatouille. There’s no way to take the onions out of that, at least not with good results. And the impossible happened; not only did she eat it, she loved it. She even said she couldn’t taste the onions and didn’t even pick them out. Success! I don’t think this means I’ll be making French onion soup anytime soon, but you never know. Now on to the next challenge: kale.

(I used a recipe from some old issue of Martha Stewart Living I’ve had ripped out and stuffed in a folder for who knows how long. The eggplant and zucchini were roasted before they were stewed with everything else, so they kept their shape nicely. And, funny enough, the recipe called for too many onions for my taste, but otherwise it was excellent, though I can’t seem to find it online.)

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